Development Plan Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Risk Factor likely popular Acceptance
Existing two-state temporary stability by Israel's  military strength lack of popular support political reform towards one of Best Plans continuing stance of aggression high: opportunistic war very low
    Palestine's lack of statehood   economic disparity    
One State negotiated peace uneven opening position possible "tribal" subdivisions internal unrest high: civil war low
  integrated economy legalises Israeli dominance        
Two State negotiated peace no overall constitution constitutional similarities economic disparity High: continued instability high
  international acceptance separate defence forces        
  even opening position          
Federation or Union negotiated peace slow implementation international  participation uneven economic development very low very high
  fairly good popular support high ongoing administrative cost joint defence force      
  overarching constitution   expansion by accepting new member states      
  international acceptance   benefits from Turkey's strength and ME spread      
  economic benefit          
  roll-on effect in wider region