ANZ Bank - Collingwood
This building was designed to be different, as the Bank asked for and encouraged an innovative approach. The Physical requirements were typical enough, and included the fitout, functional dimensions, and a list of items to be included, including two carparking places. One requirement was "height", and a two storey building was suggested.

After a round trip of inspecting ANZ Banks I looked at the site. A main road (Hoddle Street) with the long side facing West. This exposure to the Western sun was creating a difficulty, as the Bank was looking for an "open" facade. The surrounding shops and terrace type buildings had a "serrated" skyline, which is typical for the streetscape of the area.

The final design included tall prestressed brick panels placed on an angle to shield the windows on the West side from the sun until very late in the afternoon. They extended beyond the roof in order to simulate the neighbouring skyline.

The angles of the brick panels were carried through the entire design, providing an exciting internal space, allowing the existing tree to have more space, and providing the carparking spaces for good measure.

The second storey did not have to be extended over the whole area, creating the opportunity for an impressive double-storey banking hall.

An interesting historic discovery was made during excavation. A very large brick stormwater drain went through the site, and only the oldest man in the Council was aware of it. Nobody knew whether it was still in use, so we bridged the building's substructure across it .

Design is not just shape, it is the development of a functional building to fit the owner's requirements into an envelope, using to advantage the opportunities as well as the restrictions specific to the site and to the brief.

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