Residential Projects
The home is a place where personal interaction is a vital part to the occupants' well-being. Interaction with other people in the house and those visiting, with the garden, the precinct, and the long distant view, with the place of work, the sun and summer breeze, the existing trees, and maybe the local community.

The extensions to the house in North Fitzroy (left and right) were at the back, facing South. A large room was divided into defined areas: Kitchen, dining, and lounge, all under a sloping ceiling starting very low at the new verandah and rising to a 6m high peak in the centre. The diagonal nature of the deep laminated timber hip rafters was also expressed in the layout, as it was an opportunity to give the feeling of spaciousness when entering the room at one of the corners. The triangular courtyard reiterated that idea, but was designed to bring some direct sunlight into the new area.

A first floor extension for a new master bedroom over the back of an Edwardian house created the problem of setbacks from the boundary (required by regulations).  The solution was to fill the "regulation envelope"  and follow that shape. The resulting angles were carried through the design with a pleasing change from the existing (see left and right).

Another project was a very large new residence on a most awkward site. How do you fit 125 squares onto a double block of land if they are at an angle to each other. How much will such a house trouble the neighbours with its sheer bulk?
My design was for a four storey house that looked much lower than it was, as the roof was brought down close to the ground. The plan was for a shape broken into smaller parts (see bottom left).
The town planner predicted that the design would never succeed in the Council Chamber; he was surprised that not only were there no objections, but Council had received letters that said they wanted it to be built.
In Moorooduc an extension of the lounge was needed to provide the feeling of space and elbow room, and allow a view of the pastures to the East.
Lounge extension - Moorooduc The new space was also intended to feature a beloved painting by the Australian artist, Asher Bilu

Each house is different because each Client is different, as is each site and each budget. The Design must take more into consideration than the direct Client Brief, if there is more to be considered.

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