I was born in Germany and saw the destruction of major cities such as Berlin and Dresden, and collapse of social cohesion after WWII. I became a prisoner of war with the Soviet Russians at the age of sixteen, but was released because of my young age and went home in September 1945.

I studied architecture at Braunschweig Technical University, and came to Australia in 1951. I am now an Australian citizen.

I studied Town & Regional Planning at Melbourne University, and was asked to stay on as tutor in Practical Work, which I did for a year.

In 1980 I started my own architectural studio:


In 1993 I and my wife established a small alpaca farm, and I became treasurer of the local region of the Australian Alpaca Association (AAA), and then a member of the National Committee with the portfolio of Marketing. In that position, I managed a budget of up to $300,000 p.a. and achieved to turn a reducing trend of membership to an increase from 1,000 to 2,000 members in 6 years. It involved a marketing committee of members 2,000 km apart, meeting by telephone hook-up, and building a team of 14 regional marketing Managers (RMR), one from each region, training them, supplying them with marketing tools, and bringing them together into one room once a year to meet socially and giving them more face-to-face training and workshopping.

At the same time I changed the old paper registration method of the AAA into an electronic one via the internet, where members themselves could register their newly born, sold, and bought animals and stud-matings.

Near the end of my directorship I was working on achieving outside funding by major sponsors.

In 2007 I retired from my profession and the AAA, and still live on the farm on the Mornington Peninsula with my wife, Christine, who has a BA and Dip.Ed.. We have two adult children. I keep fit with regular workouts in our home gym.

After entering retirement, I started to write books in 2008, and published two books I felt I had to write.

·       The first book, “world without war, made possible by empowered individuals” (http://amzn.to/hAGSBH ) is an attempt to find a solution to the causes of war, such as power struggles, misguided religious and political disagreements. It is drawing on philosophers from the earliest ancient times to the present day to form the basis of my solution.

·       The other book, “Seppl, a step ahead of politics” (http://amzn.to/jts7qa)  is the biography of my father, where historic records in other books have often been based on hearsay and oral records taken years after the events.


O am now in the process of attempting to achieve peace between Israel and Palestine based on the principle of a regional society of peoples as described in my book, by building a facebook