Urban Design
My qualifications in both Architecture and Town Planning fit well for Urban Design.
In my Melbourne University diploma of Town & Country Planning thesis "Hierarchical Settlement Pattern in Victoria" I studied relationships of towns to establish their delimited influence.

555 Collins Street - Melbourne As design architect I have been involved in large projects with urban design content.
They included a major Melbourne CBD complex (left).
A planned relocation of Casey airport (right), which was to include a passenger terminal, development for allied businesses and industries, an international standard college (University of the Air), research facilities, tourism and a hotel with convention facilities. Proposed Casey Airport  relocation at Cranbourne
A major tourism resort in the Australian Alps, Lakeside, the all-season alpine resort proposal for an innovative 3,200 bed (including staff) condominium in the quarry site of Falls Creek (see below); this project has government approval in principle. Proposed Lakeside Development in quarry site at Falls Creek Apart from the necessary administration, it provides for all urban needs including shopping, schools, conventions, indoor bus terminal, undercover car parking, sporting facilities including ski schools, olympic pool, gymnasium, ecumenical chapel, emergency accommodation for day visitors (in case of blizzards) and clinics. It is proposed to apply innovative environmental means to reduce environmental impact with regard to native vegitation, water courses, energy consumption, sewerage effluent, and imbedded energy.
The Mount Eliza shopping centre required a sensitive approach for it to fit into the existing urban texture:
  • The tree was vitally important both to the community and the overall impact, 
  • the articulated fascia was needed to suit the large scale of the urban space, and to counter the long blank wall that was a functional necessity,
Mount Eliza - overall view
Mount Eliza - entrance
  • the choice of materials expressed the good neighbourly intentions.

A promotional study for the consolidation and expansion of the Box Hill Shopping Complex between Whitehorse Road and the railway station. This involved the staged cooperative consolidation of Titles, car parking, and the establishment of new arcades and circulation spaces.

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