VACC - StKilda Road
VACC front elevationThis building was designed as an extension to an existing  building. The Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce acquired the land next door and wished to build over both sites, incorporating the little existing  building.

The old structure was however not strong enough to carry any vertical expansion nor a heavier wall system than the aluminium curtainwall.

That is why the new building had to be set back from the old one, and the wall had to be light weight. The site is large, and the most economic shape was one that had a large floor space. That suited the Client.
The resulting deep floor spaces needed a large amount of light, i.e.big windows.

This called for innovation in order to reduce the considerable heat gain from glazed facades on all four sides.
We did a number of cost benefit studies to solve the problem, and settled on "heat reflecting" glass, incorporating double glazed units with a patented internal and transparent gold coating.
VACC forecourt
In order to reduce heat transmission through the dark coloured anodised aluminium wall members, the outer and inner parts where separated by a layer of cork. This also allowed future removal of the outer skin of the wall if during its lifetime it required off-site maintenance, refurbishment or even replacement without interupting the occupation of the building.

This building was designed for long term use, and had to be adaptable to changes in corporate structure, management, personnel activities, information technology, and life time economy.

Design needs to consider the Client's needs as well as any specific structural and environmental requirements.
The solution must fit the intended life time of the building.

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